My First Date In Germany With A French Woman

In June 2014, I moved to Munich, Germany. In July, there was a technology start-up meet that was held at Starbucks. There, I met Claudine, a very nice French woman. Well, she left her blonde hair open, wore a white flared skirt and a printed top. She looked ravishing and hence did not want to lose the opportunity to befriend her. So, I asked her for her number and without any hesitance, she gave it to me.

I pretended to be like a gent so waited patiently for two days to message Claudine. After two days, I messaged Claudine on Whatsapp and she replied instantly. We then kept messaging for hours and hours. It seemed like we definitely struck the right chord. We discussed about a lot of things! She told me how much she liked the Indian food and culture while I told her about my love towards French food and wine, and art. I was quite impressed with her knowledge about India et al. 

Next day, I decided to phone her instead of messaging her. She worked during the day so I had to wait till evening to call her. I phoned her and we spoke for 2 hours. This time, our conversation became a bit more personal. While she told me about her affairs, I told her about mine. I obviously did not want to pretend this time by saying "I did not have a relationship before." I was not too keen asking her details about those previous relationships. But, since Claudine has a few traits of a most women, who has wonderful probing skills and immense amount of curiosity, asked me many questions. Well, just like most men, I too answered all her questions, trying to be good. After two hours, I thought it would be a good idea to meet her again but alone this time. So, I asked her out. I thought she was going to say "No" and make me miserable. But, she said "Yes" and that brought a sigh of relief and smile on my face. 

The next day, I asked her if we could visit The Grill, a fine dining restaurant in Munich, after seeing their menu. I was keen to eat Chateaubriand, my favorite French dish. She was happy to visit The Grill so we decided to meet on the following Saturday for lunch. 

The Grill Restaurant Munich
A Fine Dining Restaurant

On Saturday, I came early in order to woo her and not plunder the first impression. She walked in ten minutes after I arrived. I saw her from a distance and she looked stunning. She was wearing a tribal print bodycon dress, glazed multi white heels, less make up and left her hair open again. We were at the restaurant for nearly two hours and not a moment I took my eyes off her. Since she is French, she had this strong accent while speaking in English. It definitely demanded a lot of attention and I was happy to give all that. We enjoyed the chateaubriand and sauvignon blanc wine we ordered. 

English Garten Munich
Park in Munich

After lunch, we went to a nearby park, thanks to the wonderful weather. We sat there and started chatting. Suddenly, she held my hand. Well, that was a great start and I felt nice. I knew it was going to lead to something. For a moment, we stopped talking and just kept seeing each other in the eye. It was utterly quiet and I felt my heart pumping really fast. I was nervous but pretended to be manly. Claudine came really close to me and our lips were really close to each other. Just when we were about to kiss each other, my brother woke me up from my sleep. The rest is history. 


Good Food and Decent Service at Texas Bar, Hotel Thulashi Park, Chennai

Texas Bar is a part of Hotel Thulashi Park, Periyar Road, Chennai. My first visit was very short that I hardly observed how the service was and how the food tasted like. So, during my second visit last recently, I ensured I did both.

When my friend ordered for a British Empire Beer, I asked him why he chose that over Kingfisher Beer. He said that it tastes better than the latter. So, I asked the waiter to bring one for me too. The waiter brought two chilled beer mugs and two British Empire beers. It was extremely cold and was perfect for the evening and to cool down our bodies which were heated up by Chennai's Hot Weather. I sipped in immediately after saying "Cheers". The moment it went in my body, I felt great and relaxing. And, the air-conditioner in the bar was good too.

While I ordered for Chicken 65, my friend ordered for Gobi Manchurian and Egg Pakoda as he is a vegetarian. We liked the starters as it tasted good. The Chicken was cooked well and was delicious. While the Gobi Manchurian was sweet and sour. It could have been a bit spicier to balance it. The Egg Pakoda was cooked well and tasted nice.

I was a bit more hungry since I had less lunch and skipped breakfast. I chose to order chicken tikka. It looked nice but felt that the quality of the chicken could have been better. When I told this to the waiter, he asked me if he could replace it. I said "don't worry" will continue to eat this".

Overall - Less Expensive Place with decent food and good service. The quality of food can definitely improve. 

Price for two people - Rs 1,000/-
Service -4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Location - 3/5
Food - 3.5/5


Great Food But Extremely Poor Service at KFC Nungambakkam, Chennai

My mate and I walked in to the KFC at Nungambakkam, Chennai. We had to wait for our time to order as there was another customer waiting for his food to come after having paid the bill. After a couple of minutes, we ordered for our food. We were unhappy to not see the Zinger Chicken Meal in the menu so ordered for two Chicken Burger Meals with fries and a breast chicken piece. We clearly indicated that mayonnaise should be added on our burgers. However, after taking our meals to the first floor and having seated, we found that there was no Mayonnaise in our burgers. We did not want to make a scene as such things errors could happen. So, we decided to give them another chance when we ordered food for the second time. We both were extremely hungry from the morning as both of us skipped our breakfast and lunch.

KFC Chicken Rockin Burger

Source - KFC

We went down to order a few burgers. We went to the till and the employees were working on the ice cream machine. Three of them were working and despite we calling them thrice, they refused to attend to us for some reason. Then, having screamed "Excuse me", one of the staff members come to the till to attend to me. This time, we again indicated very clearly that we want our burgers to have Mayonnaise. We got the burgers in a couple of minutes after ordering. Quickly came the burgers and then we took them upstairs. To our shock, we saw one burger with no Mayonnaise and two of them with possibly quarter of quarter tea spoon. That kind of quantity was bloody nothing. Both of us have restaurant backgrounds and know how important customer service and satisfaction is. My friend was angry and so was I. I wanted to complain to the manager but as we came down, we saw a few customers waiting to order. We did not want to create a scene and make it embarrassing for them.

The food was brilliant but the service was a nightmare. KFC Nungambakkam should start listening to their customers and serve accordingly.

Average Price for two - Rs 600/-
Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 4.5/5
Service 3/5


Tasty Chicken at "Nandos" Restaurant, Phoenix Market City, Chennai

Nandos, a South African Restaurant serves some really authentic Peri Peri Chicken with recipes originating from the Portuguese Community. Nandos now has chain of restaurants across the Globe with partially similar menus.

My first visit to a Nandos was in Cardiff a few years ago. After a couple of years, I moved to London and Nandos was just a stone's throw from my house. I was a regular customer there. After returning to India, I found that there was Nandos. I imagined how good it would be if Chennai had a Nandos. The disappointment of not having a Nandos in town, and the imagination of having one, did not last long. Nandos, is now situated at Phoenix Market City, Chennai. Everyday, there are thousands of them walking in to eat one of the best chickens in town.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I visited Nandos after postponing it for a long time. We initially took a stroll around the mall to build up our hunger and also do some window shopping. It was nice to see some of the top International brands having their exclusive stores at the mall. After an hour into our window shopping we decided to go to Nandos.

As we entered Nandos, a woman welcomed us and asked if we were okay to choose the table next to the entrance. Without a doubt, I immediately agreed. All I was bothered that evening was the food and nothing else as was extremely delighted and eager to eat at Nandos. Within a couple of minutes, the waiter got us the menu. I was extremely happy to see the Butterfly Chicken Breast which is my all time favorite at Nandos. Without any delay, I straightaway ordered for the same and recommended my friend to have it too. So, he too ordered it along with Chicken Wings. While I picked Fries, he chose Grilled Veg as sides. Within 10 minutes, we had our food delivered. The moment I saw the Butterfly Chicken Breast, my mouth started to water. I could not wait longer to start eating. Both of us wished each other Bon Appetite and stared eating the lovely Chicken Breasts. While the fries was extremely delicious, the Chicken Breasts were succulent and cooked to perfection. The flavours were extremely aromatic and the spice was well balanced.

Nandos Butterfly Chicken

After my first Butterfly Chicken Breast, I decided to go for another one as I had enough space left in my tummy. Unfortunately, my friend could not taste anything he ate due to a severe cold. So, he refrained from eating anything else but the dessert and another portion of fries. After happily eating the second Butterfly Chicken Breast, I wanted to eat a dessert. However, the dessert menu is never great at Nandos. So, I chose to avoid the dessert. However, since my friend could only eat one portion of his dessert, I chose to eat the other portion. And, not surprised, it did not taste good. And, the other dissapointment was that the service could have been better. I had to wait for 10 minutes for the waiter to bring water.

Overall, I loved the food which I always do. The ambiance was good. The restaurant was continually full. The restaurant does not take reservations due to the increasing traffic.


Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: Average of Rs 800/- for 2 people


A Visit To The Tiger's Cave

My best mates and I went on a road trip recently. One of the places we stopped by was Tiger's Cave. Though having born and bred in Chennai, I never visited this place before despite knowing it exists. From the name of this place, I was excited and was gearing up to see a cave and tigers. Surprisingly, even my friends did not know what was in store for all of us. We parked our car, purchased a ticket and gradually walked through the entrance.

Now, we were extremely excited. We were planning on how to take pictures with the tiger, how close should we stand near the Tiger, what should we do once we see the cat et al. Believe me, we saw a huge stone on the right as we entered. Now, we got even more excited. I was telling my friends "wow, we got a huge stone here, may be that is the cave, and there is a tiger or two in there." I was even jumping and behaving like Aaron (the character) in the movie "Hangover". As we were getting closer to the stone, we were waiting to go inside the cave. 

When we reached the stone, the biggest shock came to us. There was no CAVE, there was no TIGER. The so called TIGER was a goddamn STONE. We literally fainted. Then, in no time, we started laughing like never before. We were literally ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). We started cursing each other for choosing to stop by by this place. 

However, having stopped by, we wanted to do something. So, we ended up going to the sea and getting our legs dirty. At the end, we laughed a lot and that made us happy and set a start to our ongoing journey. 

Tiger Cave Chennai


Kailash Parbat - A Restaurant In Chennai - Review

Kalaish Parbat, situated in Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai. After an evening's music concert, my friends and I visited this place for dinner. Many of them ordered for Naan, Kulchas, Palak Paneer, and few more side dishes while I ordered for a Paneer Sizzler. I stepped out for 5 minutes with my friend as he wanted to smoke and by the time I returned, the sizzler was on the table. It looked big and hot.

I started to eat the sizzler and took ages to finish it. In the mean time, my friends had already finished their dinner. My sizzler was definitely scrumptious and huge. It had fries, rice, sauce, vegetables, and paneer grill. It was very tasty and enjoyed every inch of it. It took me nearly twenty minutes to eat it. The food was hot too so I found it hard to eat fast. I also noticed that the service was fast and wonderful.

Price for 7 people: 4/5            Rs 2,500
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Kailash Parbat Chennai

Idli Vilas - Review

My friends and I recently visited Idli Vilas as my friend highly recommended this place. He mentioned that the quality of Idlis are very good here. He also added that the variety of Dosas/Parottas are good here.

We went into the restaurant and I took 5 minutes to see the menu and decide what to eat because I could see some really nice and new variety of Dosas/Parottas which I have never dreamt of eating all my life. I finally chose to eat Pudi idlis. Within a few minutes I got them served. They looked beautiful and tasted yummy too. I then got my Parotta which was very very delicious. I forgot the kind I ordered but definitely remember that the food made me happy.

Price: Rs 200        4 /5
Ambiance: Good  4/5
Service: Bad          4.5/5

Warehouse Cafe in New Delhi - Restaurant Review

Pub In Bangalore

My friend and I visited the Warehouse recently for having our Lunch. I spotted this place as soon as we came out of the Metro Station. We took the elevator which directly took us to the Warehouse Cafe. the minute the doors opened, we saw a Bar counter and a couple of Bar Tenders standing by. The entire cafe looked beautiful and cozy. Within a minute of entering, we sat at a corner table. Since I had to catch a train in 90 mins, we requested Vijay, the staff person to serve our orders ASAP. In fact, Vijay was very helpful that he even patiently explained to us about the orders we had placed. He then within 5 minutes, brought us our mocktails and the Salads which we ordered. We were extremely impressed with the service. 

The Salads we ordered were very tasty and delicious. The veggies that were in it were fresh. The Lettuce was crispy too. I loved the feta cheese which came in it. My friend too loved her Salad and mocktail. We both were enjoying the music. The ambiance was fantastic too. More than her, I was more happy to see such a place in India. 

Before we finished our Salads, we ordered for our Desserts so I could leave the Cafe early to catch my train. I personally found the Salad filling and may not have gone for the Main course. By the time I finished my Salad, the Desserts came to our table. So, I ate my salad quickly, drank my Mocktail and had the Hot Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream which was topnotch. I again requested Vijay to give me the Bill before I finish my dessert. And, he again handed over the Bill immediately. I waited for my friend to finish her dessert while I pay my bill and be ready. Within a couple of minutes, she was ready and we left the Cafe to catch the Train. 

Service: 5/5
Food: 4.8/5
Place: 4.5/5
Price: 3/5 - Rs 2000/- for our bill (2 Mocktails, 2 Salads and 2 Desserts) 


The Right Place - Residency (G N Chetty Road), Chennai

My friends and I are regulars to this place. It is open 247 and one can find a place to sit and eat all the time. During the nights (past midnight), generally there are only a few items on the menu that are available. There will be a few rice and curry dishes, bisibela bath and few other South Indian dishes. Then, there is this chocolate ice cream cake and a couple of other desserts. The menu may be less but a lot of people come in to eat this especially for those who work late nights or visit after clubbing/partying. 
One may find a few television actors or if lucky one may find movie actors too. This place is very old but the tradition and the quality of food isn't depleted. For those who love chicken, Kozhi valta curry and rice is one of the best dishes but let me warn that this dish is spicy hot. 

During my last visit, while my friend had the Kozhi valta curry and rice, and curd rice, I ate a cocktail salad. The salad came very late. It also had a lot of mayonnaise but the prawns inside was cooked really well. Hope they reduce the mayonnaise by a spoon. 
This place serves the chocolate brownie ice cream which is absolutely delicious but one has to go before 11:00pm which is Bad. Am a fan of that dessert but most of the time I visit between 1:30am and 3:00am hence always end up getting upset and forced to settle down with the chocolate cake ice cream.
This is a nice place if one wants to eat late night. Price for two - Rs 800


Sea Shell - the place to eat Shawarmas in Chennai

Do you fancy Kebabs or Shawarmas??? Sea Shell is the place to be then. 

My friends and I are regulars to this place. We visit this restaurant at least once a month. The food at this restaurant is very tasty, filling and economical. The service is very quick and good too. So, let me tell you about our previous experience. My friend and went to the T Nagar Branch to have Shawarmas. We wanted to eat the Chicken Shawarmas. So, the waiter asked if we wanted normal ones or the spicy ones. When it comes to eating spicy ones, am a bit wary as can get a severe stomach upset or get burns the next day. So, I chose a normal one but my friend ordered a spicy one too just to find the difference in taste. Within ten minutes, we got the food. And, we also ate at the rate of the speed the food came. We were gobbling as if there was no tomorrow. Just when I thought of asking for the bill, my friend said lets try the tandoori chicken. So, the waiter asked us if we wanted the half or full chicken. My friend asked how many pieces would we get for the half chicken and he said we will get 4 pieces. That was perfect and we ordered it. Within 10 minutes, we got the half chicken and hogged on it immediately. 

Then my friend ordered for a Salt lime Soda. We had that and then asked for the bill. Bill - Rs 471/- Guess that is quite economical for 3 Shawarmas, One half Tandoori Chicken and one Salt Lime Soda. 

Suggestion: This place is highly recommendable and would be a good place to eat after a few drinks. 

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